Elaine Grenier

Sylvia Tello Trumbull

A Collective of Two—Form, Fire and Friendship

Born of friendship, nurtured by shared aesthetic vision, founded in the spirit of fun and adventure, A Collective of Two is an alliance of two ceramic artists from opposite corners of the United States who came together in the small Mexican town of San Miguel de Allende. Out of their independent experience Elaine and Sylvia exchange feedback and critique, encouragement to reach beyond boundaries, insight into treasure hidden inside accident, and inspiration to move always toward more serious, disciplined work. They provide for each other the extra eye so invaluable to the demanding process of forming clay into object, the extra hand to manage the treacherous, unpredictable fire that turns object into art. Together they transform the sometimes tedious ceramic process into creative, parallel play. The collective becomes collaborative when each has developed a body of work which speaks to a shared idea. The two then work together to organize focused, contextual exhibitions presented with the same care and attention to detail they bring to the work itself.